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Ethereum Million Money Review for Nigerians in 2021

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Have you been looking for a detailed review on how Ethereum Million Money Smart Contract works?


This guide is your ALL IN 1 SOLUTION PACK to every information you need to know about Ethereum Million Money Smart Contract as it is the most recommended way to start growing a passive income in Nigeria RIGHT NOW.


You will not only get solutions to these questions;

  • What is Million Money?
  • Is Million Money scam or legit?
  • Should you invest on Million Money?
  • How does Million Money Smart Contract works?
  • How secured is Million Money?
  • You will get more answers you can’t find anywhere.


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Keep reading…


What is Ethereum Million Money Smart Contract?

Wherever you heard about;

Million Money

– Ethereum Million Money

– Ethereum Smart Contract

– Crypto Smart Contract.

They all mean the same thing…


But before you get detailed information on what Million Money Smart Contract is about, let me brief you about Ethereum is in a second.


Understanding Ethereum

Ethereum Million Money

I believe you have heard about Bitcoin in one way or the other.


However the biggest and most popular Cryptocurrency is Bitcoin which is valued at over, $6500.

After Bitcoin, the next (second largest) is Ethereum valued at over $170 currently.


Just like your regular currencies – Naira, Dollars etc. Cryptocurrencies operates the same way.

Their value increases as their demand increases.

Whenever people use or buy them, they increase in value.


With that said, since Ethereum is 170$ now, few weeks ago it was around 155$ – 165$. And the more people use it, especially through this Smart Contract investment platform, it will keep increasing in value, maybe before December 2020 this year, the value will be 300$+ (plus)


Now there are different ways someone can hit-it-big from Cryptocurrency investment and that includes.

  • Buying in bulk (storing to sell later)
  • Mining (through apps)
  • Trading (buying and selling like I do)
  • Smart Contracts or payment systems (eg Ethereum Million Money Smart Contract)


In this article, let’s focus on the 4th investment method – The Smart Contracts.


Million Money Smart Contract – Powered by Ethereum.

Other Ethereum Million Money Contract reviews contains big grammars as they mention things like –

– DAPPS (Decentralized Applications) matrix system that is deployed to the Ethereum Blockchain Network using Smart Contracts.

– ECR 20 Ethereum Wallet

– blah blah blah.

Forget all those grammar, just know this!


Million Money is just like your normal Nigeria MLM platforms, eg Longrich, GNLD etc.



There’s no product or any service to sell. The system is easy and simple like that.

Read on!


What Makes Million Money Stand Out

Just like other decentralized apps; Ethereum Million Money Smart Contract has no Admin! In other words;

– No one can steal your money, not even the creator! – Because the code is now an open source.

– It is impossible to hack!

– It can’t be deleted.

– It can’t be shutdown.

– it is 100% secured like Trustwallet, Metamask,

– It will always be there for as long as the Blockchain itself exists.


Ethereum Exchange Rate in Naira.

Ethereum Million Money


Google calculator is ever active for that, just hit “Ethereum to Naira” on Google search Engine.

Terms To Get Used To – in this Guide about EMMSC

EMMSC: Ethereum Million Money Smart Contract

Ether: Ethereum

Crypto: Cryptocurrency



Million Money Smart Contract powered by Ethereum is NO SCAM AT ALL…


Visit YouTube and see hundreds of reviews about Million Money Smart Contract by top and professional investment coaches around the world as far back as 2019.

Watch this short video below as I show you what I mean.


Million Money Smart Contract will never be a scam because of the way it is built…

It is 100% safe, One-time Payment, Earnings from various levels are paid directly into your Ethereum Wallet automatically – that’s why it’s a Smart Contract.


Ok, no worries, I’ll tell you how secured EMMSC is…

How Secured is Ethereum Million Money?

Ethereum Million Money Smart Contract is 101% secured – but it is normal to ask for more details about this fact.

  1. Ethereum Million Money Smart Contract is built directly on the blockchain.

– It can’t be deleted or changed

– It is impossible to hack.

– Impossible to scam, no risk at all.


  1. It is 100% Decentralized, meaning.

– No one person has control of it

– No Admin is involved.

– 100% open source Smart Contract system.

– It is 100% Guaranteed


  1. Even if someone closed the domain name, it will continue to work as long as the Blockchain exists.

– The code is an open source.

– Anyone can read and audit how it works but can’t alter anything.


  1. All money transferred is based on a direct peer to peer payment system.

– Instant and automated withdrawals to your wallet

– There is no admin that controls funds.


  1. It can never be removed unless Blockchain dies.

– 1×2 matrix with spillovers. (you will have only 2 people under you, next to your downliners.)


Is Ethereum Million Money Smart Contract a Profitable investment?




When Bitcoin investment was trending in Nigeria, we overlooked it, including ME and I really regret not investing in Bitcoin earlier.

Ethereum is next to Bitcoin, Don’t let a second opportunity pass you by.

Just Look at Nigerians Living in fortune for grasping opportunities like this




iamchrisani – to mention a few!



Million Money Smart Contract Founder

Yes, it is said that Million Money Project has is no administrator; though the creator uploaded the contract code to the Cryptocurrency Blockchain – Ethereum.

Since then, the Smart Contract has been part of the overall network, which is supported by Crypto miners.


No one has the right or access to affect the operation of any Smart Contract, delete it or stop it as any attempt to make unauthorized changes will be rejected due to inconsistency with previous copies in the block chain.


But who is the Founder of Million Money Smart Contract – is a question yet to be revealed, but it is NORMAL in the Crypto world as Crypto founders prefers to remain anonymous.


For instance: No one knows who Satoshi is – the founder of Cryptocurrency.


Is it noteworthy that Ethereum Million Money website domain was registers on August 13th 2018.



Ethereum Million Money Smart Contract is a basic peer to peer platform where a member registers and pay to an upliner and also get paid by a downliner.


You are only required to bring in two referrals. Once your referrals activates, the money they used to register will be sent to you and you’ll see this money in your wallet immediately.

You can even withdraw your earnings if you want. But you don’t want to do that – and I will explain why, later.


Basically, Million Money Smart Contract is a simple system where all you need do is bring in 2 members (referrals) with a one-time capital of ₦3200 to ₦4000 and you could be earning millions of Naira every month if you’re in an active group.

Now, here’s the question in everyone’s mind right now.


How Will You Get Two Referrals Under You?

DON’T WORRY – There’s a perfect Solution for you.


Read on…


Does Ethereum Million Money Program Sells any Products or Service?

Yea, it is obvious, you have these questions in your mind.

It’s also obvious that many MLM businesses requires you to sell their products e.g. GNLD, Own Your Life, Forever Living, Longrich, Tasly etc.


EMMSC has no product or service to sell, unlike other MLM businesses in Nigeria.

No need to turn yourself to a sales person and an ***


How to Make Money On Million Money Smart Contract

Participating on the Ethereum Million Money Smart Contract is one of the best investments you can make this year.


Now, once you initiate the Smart Contract with 0.03 ETH. (About ₦3200 – ₦4000).

Exact 0.03 Ether is sent to an upliner of yours. Your duty is to get 2 referrals and these 2 referrals initiate the Smart Contract with 0.03 each making it a total of 0.06 in your wallet. This is about ₦6500+.


Normally, some persons might just think. Why not withdraw this N6k and just leave the system?


You can withdraw anytime you want, because the money is in your wallet.

You have complete control over your money. But doing that will disrupt the structure of your upliners but Most Shocking News is – You will lose a whole lot if you can wait to earn from your downline-downliners.


Note: Downline-downliners are new members that fall under your 2 downliners in the matrix; they join Million Money Smart Contract through your downliners; – Or they are spillovers that join through your referral link; – Or They can also be spillovers from your upliners.


Best Practice – After getting your downliners, RELAX and watch as new members who activates or upgrades keeps paying you.

You enjoy a percentage from every downliner, no matter your level – and it continues that way forever – That’s why Million Money Smart Contract is a PASSIVE INCOME INVESTMENT.


This is just a brief, let me explain how Million Money levels and plans really works, but for now, let’s take a short break…


IMPORTANT NOTICE: Do you have problems buying Ethereum yourself?

Contact me; I’ll sell you 0.03 Ethereum at ₦4000. (*no hidden charges).







































Million Money Smart Contract Matrix System.

EMMSC have the best matrix structure as it is built in such a way that each participant can only have 2 direct downliners.


Once you get your two downliners, any other member that signs using your referral link spills-over to become your downliners-downliner.

Understanding Million Money Plans and Levels

Ethereum Million Money Smart Contract is firmly built so that every new member starts from the same level. – Level 1.



Ethereum Million Money

Every member is signing up with only 0.03 Ether (worth ₦3200 – ₦4000) and bringing only 2 people.

Million Money Level 1

2 people who you invite or who come as spillover to you donate 0.03 Ether each to you. You get 0.06 Ether. You use 0.05 Ether to buy level 2 and you remain with 0.01 Ether as profit.

Million Money Level 2

*The 4 people recruited by your 2 people will donate to your level 2. Each will donate 0.05 Ether to you and you will get a total of 0.2 Ethereum.

You will then use 0.1 Ethereum to upgrade to level 3 and you will remain with 0.1 Ethereum as profit.

Million Money Level 3

The 8 people recruited by the 4 should donate to you 0.1 Ethereum each that total is 0.8 Ethereum. You will use 0.4 Ethereum to upgrade to level 4 and you will keep 0.4 Ethereum as profit.

Million Money Level 4

The 16 people recruited by the 8 people will donate to you 0.4 Ethereum each totalling to 6.4 Ethereum. You will use 1 Ethereum to upgrade to level 5 and you will keep 5.4 Ethereum as profit.

Million Money Level 5

32 people recruited by the 16 will contribute to you 1 Ethereum each thats totalling to 32 Ethereum. You will use 2.5 Ethereum to donate to level 6 and you will keep 29.5 Ethereum as profit.


Million Money Level 6

The 2 people who donated to your level 1, will again donate 2.5 Ether each to you and you will get 5 Ether.

You will then donate the 5 Ether to level 7.

Million Money Level 7

4 people recruited by your 2 people again donate 5 Ethereum each thus making a total of 20 Ethereum. You use 10 to upgrade to level 8 and keep 10 Ethereum.

Million Money Level 8

8 people recruited by your 4 donate 10 Ether to you making a total of 80 Ethereum. You use 20 for level 9 and keep 60 Ethereum as profit.

Million Money Level 9

16 people recruited by your 8 donate 20 Ether each thus making 320 Ether. You donate 40 Ether to level 10 and keep 280 Ethereum as profit.

Million Money Level 10

Get 40 Ether from 32 people and keep all the money(1280 Ethereum)

Total profit = 1665 Ethereum


NOTE: You are to upgrade immediately you get 2 downliners is complete on level 1.

Believe me, it doesn’t take that long. You can join same day & even upgrade same day.


It’s no rock science, the system is easy and it works – Join Now, Let’s make some cool cash on Ethereum Million Money Smart Contract!!



Ethereum Million Money Referrals – IS IT NECESSARY?

People have asked if Referral is NOT a Must!

Since you joined through NaijaLoan, also known to be Nigerians Top Group for Ethereum Million Money Platform – you don’t have to find downliners yourself before you get paid.


Since you’re in an active group like ours (Naijaloan’s Group) you won’t have to worry about referrals – as you will get referrals from spillovers of new members that signs up every minute visiting this article and through Naijaloan website.

So, you don’t need to personally invite someone. The automated system will do that for you. But inviting someone yourself makes your upgrade to a higher level quicker.


Ethereum Million Money Registration & Activation

Please note that if you don’t register with our group link, you will stand to lose all benefits our team offers.

  • Free referrals – due to spillovers
  • Support and quick reply to any question you have.
  • Valuable items worth over 260$ FOR FREE.
  • Online coaching on how to make more money online
  • And lots more…





Trust Wallet Download and Sign Up

In order to be able to join Ethereum Million Money Smart Contract, you need an app that interactds with the Ethereum blockchain. Trust Crypto Wallet is one of those apps.

Search for Trust Crypto Wallet on the Google PlayStore or iOS Appstore and download it.

Ethereum Million Money

After downloading it, open the app and click on Create New Wallet. You will be asked to write down 12 words.

Make sure you write them down somewhere in the exact order they appear. In case you changed your phone or re-downloaded Trust Crypto Wallet, you will need the 12 words to recover your account.


Etheruem Wallet Creation

Ethereum Million Money

Next you need to open an Ethereum wallet, for you to be able to buy 0.03 Ether required to activate Million Money Smart Contract.

– Click on create a new wallet.

– select Ethereum from other Cryptos.

*Your personal wallet address will be created.

Ethereum Million Money

This Wallet address is yours forever – whenever someone wants to send you Ether or Ethereum, you send them this address to receive Ethereum on your wallet automatically.


Funding Your Ethereum Wallet for EMMSC

Next step is to fund your Ethereum wallet through the Ethereum address you just created.


You have two funding options.

  1. Buying from a trusted Cryptocurrency Trader.

You don’t need to a source for one. I buy and sell Cryptos e.g. Bitcoin and Ethereum.


IMPORTANT NOTICE: Contact me; I’ll sell you 0.03 Ethereum at ₦4000. (*no hidden charges) – then I will also guide you towards registering on Million Money Smart Contract successfully including other valuable bundles I give out Free.


To get started, chat me up on WhatsApp, after making payment, I’ll collect your Ethereum wallet address and send you 0.03 Ethereum or more.

  1. Buying and funding your Ethereum Wallet by Yourself.

For you to this, you will need download and buy Ethereum from the Luno App.

Head over to Google PlayStore – Download and Install Luno App

Ethereum Million Money

After downloading Luno App, click the center option below “WALLETS” to create a New Wallet.

Ethereum Million Money


– Select ETH as seen in the image.

Ethereum Million Money

– Next, you need to buy a sufficient amount of Ethereum from your Nigerian bank account.


On the next option, select BUY – select payment by PAYU – go ahead and fund your account with your ATM card details.

Ethereum Million Money

Note: fund your Luno ETH wallet with ₦3300 minimum to ensure you have sufficient Crypto needed.


After successfully making payment, your Luno Ethereum wallet will be funding automatically.


Next, you need to transfer the Ether you bought from Luno to your Trustwallet Ethereum Wallet, because that’s the app you will be using to access Million Money Smart Contract website.



– Go to your TrustWallet App to copy your Ethereum wallet address.

Ethereum Million Money

– Go back to your Luno App, click on Wallet again, Select ETH (which you just funded).

Ethereum Million Money

– On the above options. Click on SEND.

Ethereum Million Money

– Enable the sending option, Input your Pin, then paste the amount (0.03) and your Trustwallet Ethereum wallet address to transfer 0.03 Ethereum you need to join Million Money Smart Contract.

Ethereum Million Money

Just like how your bank account operates, 0.03 Ether will be deducted from your Luno ETH wallet and 0.03 Ether will be added to your Trustwallet ETH Wallet.



NOTE: TrustWallet is used to access the Million Money Website because it’s also a Decentralized App – that means it adds premium security to the program and it is built to interact with Ethereum Blockchain. – 100% security guaranteed.



The language might be in Russian. Click on Ru at the far right corner to change it to [EN] English as shown in the image below.


Then click on Register/SignIn, and click on Login Automatically. You will be taken to a page where you are to click on Register.


When you click on Approve – it will be pending for few seconds and then show success.



The official website for Ethereum Million Money Smart Contract is


And this is what you need to activate your Smart Contract!


WARNING: Make sure you copied the link above. That is the only way you can join Million.Money Smart Contract program with us


Our Group Link To join Million Money and start earning Ethereum is >>



– Copy our group link > [ ]

WARNING: Incase, you were told your referral link is not correct, you have to enter it manually. INPUT THIS CODE; 350087


– Open your Trustwallet Crypto App and Click on the hamburger Icon on center-down

Ethereum Million Money

– On the next page, on the address bar – paste our group link you just copied -Paste the link you copied >>

Ethereum Million Money

– You will directed to the official Million Money Smart Contract homepage. The language might be in Russian. Click on Ru at the far right corner to change it to En [English] as shown in the image below.

Ethereum Million Money

– on Next page – Click on Register/Signin, and click on LOGIN AUTOMATICALLY.

Ethereum Million Money

– On the next page – Click on TO REGISTER.

Ethereum Million Money



Pls use images below for better guide on depositing a 0.03 ETH investment capital on EMMSC.

Ethereum Million Money

>> Then click on Approve


>> After clicking on approve it will be pending for few seconds and then show Success.

Ethereum Million Money Ethereum Million Money

As simple as that, you have finally joined EMMSC with Nigeria’s leading Ethereum Million Money Smart Contract Group.


Watch video below, if you prefer a visual guide on Million Money Registration and activation.



By now, you have access to your Million Money Smart Contract dashboard.

Sometimes it might look confusing, don’t worry you will get used to them.


But to be sincere, you don’t have any other thing required from you – only two things are important right now on your personnel dashboard.

– Like getting your referral link

– Then monitoring your downliners, so as to upgrade immediately it’s time to upgrade on your EMMSC.



i believe some are looking for how to get their referral link on million money Etherum. In other words, new members search for this on Google

How to search for my referral link on Million Money Etherum.

you have no worries as you will get the answer in the Ethereum Smart Contract Dashboard below.

Ethereum Million Money

1) Black Arrow is pointing to is the main page.

2) Red Arrow is pointing to where you can send messages to your team members and even your Upliners or anybody in your matrix system?

3) Gray arrow is pointing to where you can see your tribe (team members)

4) Yellow arrow is pointing to where you can see your upline in the System and the generation they’re to you?

5) Blue arrow is pointing to the profit you lost in the system (that’s if you lost profits)

6) Green arrow is pointing to promotional materials we have in the system?

7) Purple arrow is pointing to log out icon… You press it you’re automatically gonna log out. That’s all ✔️ ✔️ ✔️



After LK.MILLION.MONEY Registration, What’s Next?

Remember you will have access to great benefits and products when you Join Us on Million Money Smart Contract using my referral link, which is also under Naijaloan link (an MMO Membership website with over 220,000+ members all from Nigeria [ONLY].


Anyway this doesn’t mean if you read about this – Ethereum Million Money Smart Contract Review from other parts of the world, that you can’t join us.

What I mean is – You have an extreme advantage to upgrade faster with us because of how popular we are already.



Once you have registered and completed activation on Ethereum Million Money using my referral link.

Chat me on WhatsApp and send me your ID number, once confirmed in my dashboard, I’ll send you these bonuses FOR FREE

  1. How to get referrals to any Make Money Online Program in Nigeria. (Value = 75$)
  2. How to Start blogging and create streams of Passive Income in Nigeria. (Value = 170$)
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That’s a total of 260$ worth of valuable goodies I bought, straight to you for free.


With these goodies you can start making money online using affiliate/referral strategies from all part of the world, Start up your own profitable blog that makes you money as you #stayhome this Covid-19 lockdown, then Finally withdraw your easily earned money using PayPal straight to your Nigerian bank account.

as Simple as that!


Chat me on WhatsApp Here… where I will guide you on all steps and answer every question you have on how to make huge cash on Ethereum Million Money Platform.



Key Notes on how we can Grow Faster For Our Benefit
  • Ethereum Million Money Smart Contract structure is built in such a way that each participant can only have 2 direct downlines.
  • New registered members falls as spillovers for your downliners to benefit.
  • Now, once you get your downlines, their own job is to fill their primary slots with only 2 persons and the process continues like that.
  • When you start in the EMMSC program doesn’t matter – what matters is you find belong to an active group that works as a team.

Ethereum Million Money

… If every new member can bring 2 new members or more, you’ll be shocked that in less than 2 months you’ve accumulated over 1600 eth and this is over 100 million naira currently and is only bound to increase. Trust me!!!


The Real Gist is – Once you’ve gotten your referrals, it doesn’t mean you have to relax, If you can bring in more members, coupled with the advantages we already have with this post and Naijaloan popular group link – We will all Make It Big in no time.

So let’s keep the faith and TAKE ACTION.



After a whole lot of research, I discovered a couple of websites with built-in Smart Contracts just like EMMSC; please are not alternatives to Million Money Smart Contract.

Few of them are; and


Note: They are NOT RECOMMENDED or TRUSTED YET, so avoid these Smart Contract Crypto Websites for now.


Leading Ethereum Million Money Smart Contract Group in Nigeria.

In summary, after reading this Million Money Review; if you want to invest your money in 2020 especially during this Covid-19 pandemic, then building wealth from Million Money Smart Contract is one of your best bet towards a profitable online investment.

Not forgetting you will get other secret tools, guides and platforms to start making money online in Nigeria 2020



Just like every other make money online platform, Don’t use your last card, or even think of borrowing money to join.

Pls this is just a review, a.k.a “An online investment recommendation”.

Just like any advice, you receive it and decide on what to do yourself – in other words, if you don’t have ₦4000 to invest on Million Money Platform – exercise patience till you have.


Please share this post to anyone you know, interested in building a passive income.


Our Etheruem Million Money Smart Contract Group Link Again =


See you in my Private Group.





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